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Is the world a random jumble of notes or an orchestrated symphony of meaning?

Physicist Sky Nelson-Isaacs connects the dots between modern physics and our sense of meaningfulness in the world, proposing that it’s our feelings which drive the events in our lives. Drawing from original research in the field of quantum physics, Sky weaves together a picture for how the so-called "multiverse" shows up as meaningful coincidences or "synchronicity."

Aiming to stick closely to what we know from science, Sky attempts to demonstrate that the cosmos may be designed to bring us meaningful experiences in response to the choices we make. From this one little shift in our worldview, a whole new way emerges. Living in Flow provides ideas on blending synchronicity and flow into your daily routine, and offers an inspiring vision for our collective future which incorporates both individual fulfillment and collaborative synergy.

Living in flow, we can build a world in which works for everyone.


In stores March 5, 2019


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Excerpt from "Living in Flow"...

"Just as water avoids the extreme peaks and flows in the middle of a valley, flow lives on a middle path. On this path, we honor our outer need for material abundance, for what it can teach us and what delight it can bring. We also honor our inner need for meaningful experiences, for the richness and color that they bring to our lives. Without denying our own needs, we can yet find things to do which bring more love and care into the world. By living from the heart with boldness, gratitude and self-awareness, flow helps us find a deeper sense of dynamic safety in the world even when the outer circumstances feel uncertain.

From this fundamentally different place of stepping fully into our lives, each of us can be a part of a shift to “flow consciousness” that can support a worldwide renaissance in creativity. This shift has already started, as more and more people build symbolic momentum in the direction of a world which works for and honors everyone."