I am a trained pianist of over 35 years and a singer-songwriter with ten self-produced albums. My songs are inspired by the likes of Jason Mraz, John Mayer, and John Lennon. Originally learning piano from Beethoven, George Winston, Keith Jarrett, and Dr. John, in 2008 I migrated towards writing almost exclusively uplifting positive lyrics, because I feel it is important to be selective about what messages we take in to develop our attitude.


The World Ocean

Inspired by dreams of rising ocean levels in a time of global transformation, Sky Nelson's self-produced and performed album follows a journey through uplifting highs and meditative lows. Featuring "Let Love Run the Show (Live in Love)" and "There is Nothing Big in Playing Small," adapted from "A Return to Love" by Marianne Williamson.


Aurora (Coming soon)

Each solo piano improvisation was developed out of about 60 seconds of pre-planning. The melody and chord changes were sketched, then I clicked record and did a single take. Wonderful music for relaxation and sleep.


Unreleased songs

Songs not appearing on other albums is collected here.