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When we align with circumstances, they align with us.

I believe that each person can bring harmony and success into their life by aligning with circumstances. I believe circumstances will then align in response, and I have rigorously developed the physics to explain how. I believe that when we have more harmony in our individual lives, we create more awesome situations. Our efforts bring about synchronicity which benefits not just ourselves, but the whole. Problems begin to resolve, and our communities and organizations thrive. 

I am a physicist, speaker and author studying "the physics of flow." I work with organizations that want to capture more of the dynamic synergy of flow in their work environment. I have published several peer-reviewed academic papers on fundamental physics that predict the everyday occurrence of meaningful coincidences, or “synchronicity.” When we take directed action, we are more likely to experience useful events which help us forward. This is the experience of "flow." 

Critical analysis and the scientific method are crucial elements if we are to effectively make use of meaningful coincidences in our personal lives and in our organizations. I help individuals and organizations recognize the "signs of redirection" in their workflow, and align with them in order to create the most harmonious and effective results.

If two friends separately head to the same area of town, and they accidentally end up at the same place at the same time, we might be surprised by the unlikeliness of this meeting. The miracle of synchronicity, then, is about timing. This is not quite so difficult to understand through the proposed processes of "meaningful history selection" and "retroactive event determination."

We are continuously being given "signs of redirection" in the form of minor disappointments and obstacles, guiding us around potential problems and toward better solutions. By aligning with the flow of circumstances rather than resisting or pushing through, we can create bigger and better experiences for ourselves and our organizations.

Obstacles and surprises can serve as sources of useful information.

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Professional background

  • Three peer-reviewed articles relating to fundamental physics and synchronicity
  • Thought leader on synchronicity in popular media
  • Secondary School physics and math educator
  • Over 100 presentations and performances in six states
  • Software Engineer and Project Coordinator
  • Awards in songwriting and performance


  • MS Physics, San Francisco State University
  • Teaching Credential, Sonoma State University
  • BA Physics, University of California, Berkeley